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One on One Coaching

Group Presentation

Speaking engagements

I love to speak on a number of topics ranging from:

• Budget

• Prosperity

• Debt management

• Wisdom

• Much More

• Multiple streams of income

• Wealth building

About Me

My name is Aïssata Coulibaly and I was born and raised in Africa, I studied in Europe and immigrated to North America, where I started my professional life as a translator. I was successful but I did note have free time to spend or to travel with my family. In my search for solution, I hired different coaches and mentors to help me to succeed in two areas, business and family. I enjoyed the journey so much that I learned to teach others, so today I’m still learning from giants in the business but I also want to share coaching to help other people unlock their full potential for success and achievement. Today as an International Mindset Coach and a world traveler, I enjoy working with people eager to jumpstart their thinking and thrive.

My Mission

  • Inspire positive change in people’s thinking
  • Help people unleash their mental powers and create options
  • Help people break the back of poverty and live a great life while creating a positive legacy.
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